My wife was involved in a automobile collision and sustained serious injuries. We contacted Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office in Durant, Oklahoma, and he immediately met with us and proceeded to handle our case.

Mr. Speed was very thorough and very professional. He continually kept us informed regarding all proceedings. He worked tirelessly on our behalf and got us the settlement that we wanted.

We strongly recommend Mr. Speed to anyone who has been involved in any type of automobile collision.

- Rodney and Susan O.

During my freshman year of college, I was involved in a horrible automobile collision caused by a drunk driver. I had just bought a new car and I was living in a new city and the last thing I was expecting was for a drunk driver to hit me and cause me to suffer personal injuries and totally destroy my car. After I was discharged from the hospital, I went to the person I was told could help me, Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office in Durant. Mr. Speed fought hard for me when I did not know how to fight for myself. I was young and knew nothing about dealing with what happened to me much less dealing with the big insurance companies. Mr. Speed immediately grabbed the bull by the horns and, after several months, obtained the insurance policy limits from both insurance companies! I am forever grateful for Mr. Speed. Getting a lawyer was the best decision I made after the collision! Mr. Speed handled every facet of my case for me while I was able to heal, focus on college, and enjoy my life because of him. Thank you so much.

- Gracie J.

Attorney Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office in Durant was great! He professionally handled my case from beginning to end. I was rear-ended which caused my vehicle to roll over multiple times. As a result, I sustained multiple injuries. Jimmy was efficient, empathetic and helpful during this difficult experience. Thanks again for all your help, Jimmy Speed!

- Douglas M.

Around 10:30 p.m. one evening in June 2019, my husband and I were returning home from dropping off our granddaughter. We were in my husband’s pickup and he was driving, when suddenly we saw a large black object in our lane. My husband tried to steer to the left, but our right front wheel struck an object in the road and our tire was knocked off our truck as a result of the impact. As a result of the collision with the object, our vehicle began to roll over multiple times and missed a guardrail and hit the ditch coming to rest on the passenger side. Although our airbags deployed and we were both wearing our seat belts, we each suffered debilitating injuries including broken bones. We sought legal counsel with Speed Law Office in Durant, Oklahoma, and we arranged a meeting with Mr. Speed at our home. Mr. Speed explained in detail all facets of a personal injury claim and how he would proceed to seek personal injury compensation from the insurance companies to help pay for our medical expenses, treatments as well as compensate us for our injuries. Through Mr. Speed’s diligence, perseverance and commitment, he was successful in securing settlements for us. We are so appreciative of everything Mr. Speed did for us and we are pleased to recommend him and his law practice if you are ever injured in an automobile wreck.

- Sharia and Richard N.

Jimmy Speed was extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive in assisting us with my son’s automobile collision case. He kept us well informed throughout the whole process and he was there to answer all of our questions in a very timely fashion. Jimmy Speed cared about my son, has great work ethics and a strong desire to seek justice for his clients. We sincerely appreciate all of his hard work and dedication that he provided.

We highly recommend Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office!

- Nancy M. and Marc M.

After being involved in an on the job automobile collision, we were unsure of the next steps. We were referred to Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office by a close friend and could not be more thankful.

In the chaotic weeks and months that followed, Jimmy reassured us that he had everything handled and that our priority should be me recovering from my injuries and he would handle the rest. He was available for questions at any time and always quick to check in with us to see how we were doing.

Thank you, Jimmy, for being so thorough and caring through this entire process. You did a great job and we appreciate you!

- Michael and Sara S.

Our vehicle was totaled, we were injured, and we did not know what we were supposed to do.  Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office was highly recommended to us. So, we turned to Jimmy. Jimmy was truly a Godsend.  We didn't have to worry about anything.  Jimmy's perseverance got us justice! 

We want to acknowledge Jimmy for all his compassion, professionalism, and hard-working ethics while handling our case.  Jimmy is straightforward, honest and very thorough.  He made sure we understood by explaining and breaking down everything we needed to know.  He also made certain we were kept informed every step of the way.

Although Jimmy had other cases, he was very committed to providing undivided attention to us by constantly being there to help with any questions we had.  We truly appreciate all Jimmy has done for us.  

If you need and are searching for an effective, aggressive and assertive attorney to represent and fight for you and your family when you've been hurt in a wreck, we highly recommend Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office in Durant, Oklahoma.  

There is no other attorney out there with more passion about helping their clients as Jimmy!

- Joe W., Betty W., Kristoffer W., Leigh W.

I know first hand that Jimmy Speed goes above and beyond to make sure his clients get what they deserve!

My husband was hit from behind by a vehicle while he was riding his motorcycle. If we had not had Jimmy’s guidance through that time in our lives we would have never been re-paid for our medical bills, my husband's time off work, all the expenses that we had to pay out of pocket and pain and suffering my husband experienced.

Jimmy has a true meaning and purpose for what he does and his work shows it!

We recommend Speed Law Office to any person needing a great and caring attorney!

- Lindsay and Shawn D.

Jimmy handled my case with the utmost professionalism. He is very aggressive and never backs down.  He got me a great settlement. Far better than I ever imagined. Jimmy is a bright man with wisdom beyond his age. His tenacious spirit has served him not only well, but to excel!  His intelligence, insight, and personal skills are the best. I'd certainly want him to represent me in the future too should I ever need him again! 

Jimmy did an outstanding job and was memorable.  Jimmy easily grasped the conflict resolution skills necessary to handle my case and was able to apply them aptly. Jimmy is an excellent attorney, but a quality human being as well!

- Glenn D.

Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office was a excellent attorney on my case.  He was able to step in on my behalf and made everything less stressful for me. Jimmy took care of my medical bills, vehicle repairs, and also did not just settle to get the case closed...instead he fought for me and was able to secure a very fair settlement. 

My case was not as serious as some of the cases he has handled; however, Jimmy did not treat me or my case any different than a huge case!

I am so glad that I chose Jimmy D. Speed to represent me.  I highly recommend him if you want or need someone to fight for you! 

- Sandy H.

I thoroughly appreciate my experience with Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office after being involved in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver. Jimmy’s advocacy, help and guidance took a heavy weight off my shoulders.

Jimmy handled every aspect of my case as well as the cases involving my three children. As a mother of three little girls, my main concern after being hit by a drunk driver was my babies. This wreck took a toll on me and my family not only physically but also mentally. Jimmy walked me and my family through this horrible situation with such ease and grace so that I could focus on my health and life as a mother of three babies and a wife. I couldn't be more grateful for the work and straight forward answers Jimmy provided to me and my family from day one!

Jimmy is a highly intelligent man with a deep root thirst to help those like myself who were in unfortunate circumstances of being hit by a drunk driver.

I was deeply pleased with the end result of settling for the insurance policy limits as well as my vehicle being totally repaired. I was able to make a full recovery. That's exactly the experience I would have hoped for and Jimmy exceeded my expectations! I would hire him again and again!

- Tara R.

I chose to work with Speed Law Office and Jimmy D. Speed because I had heard great things about his work from others. Mr. Speed stayed in communication with me throughout the entire process of my case. He was easily accessible as he was always just a phone call away if I had any questions or concerns. Mr. Speed is very knowledgeable about the process of any type of car wreck. My car was struck by someone running a stop sign which caused my vehicle to flip on its top and spin. I injured my shoulder which required surgery. Mr. Speed fought hard to get me the money I deserved after my car wreck and he never backed down from the fight! I would choose Speed Law Office and Jimmy D. Speed over and over again to handle any car wreck for me!

- Kelli H.

Jimmy Speed is the only attorney you want in your corner if you are ever injured in a car wreck. I cannot say enough great things about his work ethic, his character, or Jimmy as a person. He has been such a great asset and blessing to me and my family that I could have attained through such an unexpected event. Because of Jimmy, we were able to focus on healing instead of dealing with all aspects involved with our car wreck. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable regarding the law, but he is firm, and he has a no bull approach for justice. He is the ONLY one I would recommend handling your car wreck for you!

- K. Pierce

We were very pleased with the outcome of our case. Jimmy went above and beyond as a lawyer to get us the policy limits from both insurance companies. He worked nights and weekends. Whatever he had to do for us, he did it! We highly recommend Jimmy. We are very pleased we chose him!

- B. and S. Brown

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jimmy Speed for over 20 years. I watched his passion for law become a reality through our friendship. His true compassion, dedication, and honesty are truly something so valuable in today’s world. I could not imagine choosing anyone else to represent me or my loved ones. He is more than just a lawyer, he is your friend through it all.

- Melissa P.

The adjuster on my auto collision case was only wanting to offer me one-third of what my case was worth.  Jimmy Speed took my auto collision case and because Jimmy was on the ball, I received three times what the adjuster initially offered me to settle.  It also did not take years to settle my case as Jimmy had it settled in about three months.  I would not have any other attorney if I needed one today.  Jimmy Speed would be the one I would call.  As a matter of fact, I have Jimmy on speed dial and on Facebook in case I need him.

- Robert B.

Mr. Speed is an exceptional human being who cares about his clients.  He knows the law and will fight for every last dollar from the insurance companies.  I want you to know that Jimmy will work harder than any attorney I have ever come across.  I was in the legal field for decades, and not once did I deal with an attorney like Jimmy.  His clients' well-being is more important to him than his own.  My hope in posting this testimonial is that all attorneys reading this will follow Jimmy's lead.  God put him on this earth to be an attorney and I am so glad that he found his path.  I am proud to call Jimmy my friend and brother in Christ.

- Theresa C.

Jimmy Speed was instrumental in settling our daughter’s case. Our daughter was severely injured as a result of a young man running a stop sign in his pickup truck and colliding with our daughter's car.  We were overwhelmed with insurance companies that were trying to help themselves and not our child. Jimmy’s integrity and his sincere desire to make things right were a blessing.  He explained everything to us in terms that we could understand, and he helped us navigate through the whole process. Our only regret is that we did not know to contact him sooner. We tell anyone that asks about how amazing a lawyer and person Jimmy is. I hope we never need his services again, but if we do, we will definitely call him first! 

- Tami E., Brian E., and Mackenzie E.

Jimmy Speed is much more than a fantastic attorney, he is an exceptional man.  My daughter and I were injured as the result of the negligence of an 18 wheeler driver changing lanes unsafely and colliding with our car.  We did not know where to turn so we called Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office.  Not only did Jimmy make us feel as if our case was his top priority, we felt that he truly cared about us as people.  Jimmy's actions proved his interest in our case.  To Jimmy's credit, he allowed us to vent our frustrations on numerous occasions and ask ridiculous questions.  We are very thankful we found Jimmy, as he far exceeded our expectations.  We highly recommend that you call Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office immediately if you or your family ever need legal advice or representation related to an 18 wheeler wreck or any type of automobile wreck.

- Shawn F., Camille F. and Alexis F.

I was involved in an 18 wheeler wreck as a result of an 18 wheeler running a red light and slamming into the driver's side of my pickup truck.  Due to the 18 wheeler running the red light and colliding with my truck, I suffered serious injuries and had to have surgery.  I am very grateful I called Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office and had Jimmy on my side to look out for me.  Jimmy is a very kind and considerate person and an amazing lawyer!  I thank Jimmy for the wonderful job he did in representing me with my case and severe injuries.  I hope I am never in another automobile wreck but, if I am, Jimmy will be the first person I call.  I will also always recommend Jimmy to my family and friends. 

- Sherry C.

I was injured in a wreck where an 18 wheeler rear ended me, rolled my Jeep and tore the top of my Jeep completely off.  I later found out the 18 wheeler driver had driven recklessly for about 7 miles down Highway 69 before he rear ended me.  The 18 wheeler driver was called in several times by other people that witnessed his reckless driving.  I attempted dealing with the insurance company on my own but I learned quickly that was not going to work after I got the run around from them.  So I called my son in Dallas and my son asked some of his lawyer friends who I should contact and Jimmy Speed and Speed Law Office in Durant, Oklahoma, was who the Dallas lawyers advised me to contact immediately.  I called Jimmy and he agreed to take my case.  Jimmy had me in a rental car within a few days and I also received a check for my property damage quickly, as well.  Jimmy then fought the 18 wheeler insurance company for several months regarding my personal injuries I suffered and medical bills I incurred.  After just a few months, Jimmy was able to settle my case for a very nice amount!  I will definitely use Jimmy Speed and Speed Law Office again but hopefully I will never be in another wreck.  I will also refer any person I know to Jimmy Speed at Speed Law Office!

- Marvin D.

I highly recommend Jimmy Speed as your injury lawyer.  Jimmy is straight to the point, does not candy coat anything or tell you what you want to hear.  Jimmy is all about the well being of his client.  During my entire car wreck case, Jimmy stayed in contact with me through the entire process.  Jimmy is about quality and what is best for his client.  I would highly recommend Jimmy to any person.  

- Shawn C.

Jimmy is an amazing person, not just an amazing lawyer. I hope I do not have to use to him again due to being injured in an accident, but I will always recommend Jimmy Speed. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.

- Melissa T.

To be honest the word lawyer has always freaked me out. But the moment I met Jimmy I automatically felt at ease. He's honest, loyal and all together a wonderful person. He went above and beyond for my family and I. If I should ever need someone to fight for me again, he is my first choice.

- Rachel W.

As a friend, Jimmy Speed is, at all times one of the sweetest, most loving, caring, honest, and wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to know. As my lawyer, Jimmy is the most dedicated, knowledgeable, and hardest working person I could hope to have on my side. Underneath that sweet and gentle person is a man that will fight like a tiger to get you what you deserve and more!  He fought hard for me and got me almost 6 times the figure I thought I would get!  If you are looking for an attorney that you know will put all he has into your case and at the same time actually care about you as a person, Jimmy Speed is your man!  I will never be able to thank him enough for the money he got me by going way above and beyond what he needed to.  I put my faith in him and he did not let me down.  Thank you, Jimmy!

- Leann B.

I was very grateful to have Jimmy on my side and looking out for me when I needed a lawyer. He took care of everything and I didn't have to worry about a thing. I highly recommend him for anyone who needs an attorney. Thank you Jimmy!

- Jeanece F.

I grew up with Jimmy. We attended the same school for pretty much our entire young lives. Back then he was a stand up kid, friendly, and took interest in everyone because he was genuinely that kind of guy. If you have problems up in Oklahoma, call him. I couldn't recommend a better guy to have your back.

- Robert B.

Based in Durant, Oklahoma, Speed Law Office serves injured individuals and families in cities throughout the state including, but not limited to, Durant, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Ardmore, McAlester, Bartlesville, Lawton, Idabel, Stillwater, and Norman.

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