During my freshman year of college, I was involved in a horrible automobile collision caused by a drunk driver. I had just bought a new car and I was living in a new city and the last thing I was expecting was for a drunk driver to hit me and cause me to suffer personal injuries and totally destroy my car. After I was discharged from the hospital, I went to the person I was told could help me, Jimmy D. Speed at Speed Law Office in Durant. Mr. Speed fought hard for me when I did not know how to fight for myself. I was young and knew nothing about dealing with what happened to me much less dealing with the big insurance companies. Mr. Speed immediately grabbed the bull by the horns and, after several months, obtained the insurance policy limits from both insurance companies! I am forever grateful for Mr. Speed. Getting a lawyer was the best decision I made after the collision! Mr. Speed handled every facet of my case for me while I was able to heal, focus on college, and enjoy my life because of him. Thank you so much.

— Gracie J.
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